What do you need to be ‘academic librarian 2.0′?

In building my literature review on academic library 2.0 and library 2.0 for my CARL/ABRC study, I am finding studies done in other jurisdictions that are highly revealing. The one encountered today had questions I plan to ask Canadian academic libraries: why are you not using social media and other web 2.0 tools? (I don’t mind that you don’t use Twitter and that you don’t like it. Just produce some decent reasons why you don’t like it. And by all means, ask some librarians who do use it and use it well.)

What seems self-evident is that many academic librarians feel that they need more training in the use of social media. Forward-looking academic and university libraries understand this and have already started to hire emerging technology librarians. A good move, I say.


About smertlibrarians
We are a group of academic librarians interested in social media.

One Response to What do you need to be ‘academic librarian 2.0′?

  1. It would be really helpful if you could reference a couple of the studies – I find the subject quite interesting too.

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