Welcome to LIBR559M, Summer 2010

Here is the introductory message that I am sending to the summer class for  LIBR 559M – Social Media. You may not be in the class, but you can always follow along with us.

Hi everyone….

My name is Dean Giustini and welcome to the summer 2010 offering of LIBR 559M – Social Media new2.gif

This is an accelerated, six week version of LIBR559M, July 12th to August 20th. The course consists of six modules; during week I, we will have to complete all introductory material and module I. Here is a list of activities:

  1. Read “Getting Started” and introductory materials on the main course page
  2. Introduce yourself in the “Introductions” forum
  3. Find a study buddy and touch base with him/her
  4. Create a blog using UBC blogs and post it
  5. With your study buddy, select a term from the course glossary to improve/update it. Post your edited version
  6. Do discovery exercise –
  7. Work through files under Module I – Affordance. Begin to explore social media concepts – and, the idea of affordance

It’s absolutely critical that you keep up in this course and give yourself time every day to work through the reading and exploration. There is a lot of busy work! This activity should prompt ideas that you can share with your classmates via your blog, Twitter account and any social media tool you deem useful to your participation in class.

I am looking forward to exploring and discussing social media with you. It’s a fast moving field with lots of tools. Part of the course is learning how to assess the tools and pay attention to what is important. Please let me know if you need help at any time.

Let’s get started …



About smertlibrarians
We are a group of academic librarians interested in social media.

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